Project Seminar

About the Project Seminar

In this seminar, students are tasked with crafting a scholarly paper on a current topic within IT security. Through lectures, discussions, and individual guidance, they'll learn to identify pertinent research gaps, employ data collection and analysis methods, and articulate their findings in a coherent academic format.


Due to the limited length of the semester, we recommend secondary research such as a systematic literature review.
Previous semesters have demonstrated that the project seminar serves as a valuable precursor to the subsequent master's thesis. For instance, you can empirically investigate research gaps identified during the project seminar in your master's thesis.

Procedure, form and evaluation

Details about the evaluation criteria for papers are available here.


Topics may encompass anything related to current IT security challenges.
If you are interested in one of our thesis topics, conducting secondary research about this topic is a great means of getting familiar with the topic and identifying avenues for future research. In addition, this page gives some suggestions for project seminar topics.
You can always come up with your own ideas. Just keep in mind that the semester is short and primary research usually takes longer.
Title Advisor Type
Accessibility of modern multi-factor authentication methods Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
The Future of Authorization - OAuth2.1, GNAP, etc. Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
eduID - state, gaps in regulation, and future research avenues Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
eIDAS is coming - What does it mean and where do we go from there? Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
FedCM - What it is, Why do we need it, and where do we go from there? Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
Federated Identity Management - State of Knowledge and Future Research Avenues Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
OpenID is more than just Connect. What are they up to and how does it all fit together? Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
SAML2.0 vs. OpenID Federation Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
Self-Sovereign Identity vs. Federated Identity Management Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
State of Knowledge of Self-Sovereign Identity Erwin Kupris Seminar Paper
Benchmarking, Eliciting, and Enhancing Abilities of Large Language Models in Cyber Threat Intelligence Marleen Steinhoff Seminar Paper
Application of Knowledge Graph Mining Methods to STIX data Marleen Steinhoff Seminar Paper
Efficient querying of Cyber Threat Intelligence knowledge graphs Marleen Steinhoff Seminar Paper
State of Knowledge of Large Language Models for information extraction tasks Marleen Steinhoff Seminar Paper
Artificial intelligence for querying Cyber Threat Intelligence (Literature Review) Marleen Steinhoff Seminar Paper
Computing semantic similarity of knowledge graphs for Cyber Threat Intelligence Marleen Steinhoff Seminar Paper