Development and Implementation of a Looking Glass like solution for Shibboleth

Thesis typeMaster Thesis
SupervisorTobias Hilbig
Starting date06/2024
SkillsLaTeX, Git, Java, Bash, Linux Administration
LanguageGerman, English (preferred)
Industry cooperationNot possible
Publish date2024-06-18

Problem and context

The Seclab, in close collaboration with HM’s IT department, has recently been working on various extension and plugins for the Shibboleth SSO solution that is deployed at As the next step, we plan to develop a “looking glass” solution to generate and deliver security-related analysis and statistics.


Similar to the looking glass for eduroam, see [1-4], this solution should collect various metadata about federated services and clients. In addition, we would like this software to provide live statistics that can be displayed on a webinterface.

This thesis can focus on a number of subtopics, included but not limited to:

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